“I have nothing but admiration for Amy’s personal training. My goal at the time was to get off the couch and improve my ability to exercise and general fitness to a level that I would have the confidence to exercise in a group class – which was unthinkable to me at the start of the sessions. She came to me when I was very unfit and at a low point, and tailored the weekly training sessions to just the right amount of “push”- she knew better than me how far I could go. Amy’s efforts and dietary suggestions got me there and more, and I have never looked back. Well done and thank you Amy!”

The Bigger Story…..

Martin 2009 (1)This was me in 2009. I have it as the wallpaper on my phone so that it reminds me never to go there again.
I had been diagnosed as type 2 diabetic – perhaps unsurprisingly.

By the autumn of 2013 I had had enough. I was 245lbs and my blood sugar levels were out of control despite taking 8 tablets a day. I retired from work, and my wife arranged for Amy to come to the house as a personal trainer. I lost a stone during the 10 week programme but more importantly it got me up off the couch, increased my confidence and I learned to exercise. Immediately following the programme I started attending Amy’s “Steady Circuits” twice a week and took up cycling as well, and then later started running with my wife who was doing Amy’s couch-to-5K programme. However, although my fitness was improving, my weight was not reducing any further.

In early 2016 I enrolled on the 6-week transformation programme and LOVED IT! The combination of the exercise I was already doing and the dietary discipline worked extremely well for me. I liked that there was no need to weigh anything or count calories, and no “wiggle room”: I needed that discipline.

IMG_8395At the end of it I weighed under 200lbs, but also learned more about the balance of nutrition.

I no longer take any diabetic medication, controlling my blood sugars through diet and exercise. Since the 6-week transformation programme finished I have used the principles from it to moderate my intake, and have lost a few pounds more but now need one more push to get just below 180lbs. Then at last I can buy some new clothes!!!!!

Thanks again Amy.

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