ALM Fitness Ltd Privacy Notice – effective 25th May 2018

ALM Fitness Ltd value and respect your privacy and personal information and this notice provides you with information about the personal information we collect about you and how we may use it to manage your membership with ALM Fitness Ltd. Our company number is 11313975 and we are registered to Coneybury Farm, Alcester Road, Flyford Flavell, Worcester, WR7 4DF.


What is your personal information?
Personal information is any information on its own, or combined with other information which can identify you.  Some information is regarded as special category date, such as race, ethnic origin, politics, religion, trade union membership, genetics, biometrics, health, sex life or orientation.

How do ALM Fitness Ltd collect personal information about its members?
Personal information will be collected by you when you register with ALM Fitness Ltd or use the app to book classes. As your membership progresses, this may include receiving correspondence by email, text, instant messages or by telephone during scheduled catch ups or face to face conversations to check how your training and fitness is progressing.

Personal information ALM Fitness Ltd collect and how it may be used
ALM Fitness Ltd may collect information about you because we have a contractual obligation to you for your health and fitness and to manage your membership with us.  This also includes our legitimate obligations to use your information for the proper and necessary administration of our business or if we have your consent.  This includes the following personal information:

  • Name, address, date of birth and contact details; so we can register and contact you about your membership, request your feedback or offer you incentives.
  • Payment information; if you pay for our services or merchandise as either a one-time payment or regular direct debit.
  • Health information; so we are able to fully understand any medical issues or injuries you may have which may limit or prevent you from training with us, so we can adapt training if required.
  • User name and system password; so you can securely log into to register, manage or pay for your class reservations.
  • Your marketing and contact preferences, when you confirm your choices.
  • Your picture or video image; to promote your success and advertise ALM Fitness Ltd.
  • If you add posts to our social media platforms that contain your personal information.
  • Survey or campaign information; so we can check with you how we are doing and receive your voluntary feedback about our services.

Who ALM Fitness Ltd share your personal information with
In all cases the information we share with others will be the minimum necessary for the purposes it was provided.  Your personal information may be shared with;

  • ALM Fitness Ltd website, if you complete the contact form and submit it to us.
  • Teamup, who provide our membership services when you register, update your information or let us know your marketing and email preferences.
  • Go Cardless, who transact the regular payments you make to us.
  • Stripe, who transact the initial payment for our Transformation Training programme and for the individual payments for Pay as you go sessions.
  • Healthcare professionals, if you specifically ask us to.
  • Employees of ALM, where they have a need to know.
  • Guest speakers or specialist health trainers who ALM may from time to time offer as a one-off seminar or class and you register to attend.
  • Facebook, twitter or Instagram, if you add any information to our official ALM social media platforms.
  • Heart Internet who host our email service, so we can correspond with you.
  • Typeform and Clickfunnels, who we use their software when you apply to one of our programmes.
  • If we are required or permitted to do so by Law or Regulation.

Security and retention of your personal information
ALM Fitness Ltd will take appropriate technical, organizational steps to protect your personal information. This includes those organisations we share it with who are legally bound to keep it secure and confidential and use it solely for the purposes it is provided.  Depending on the circumstances, this may involve a transfer of data outside the UK and the European Economic Area to countries and any such transfer will be made with appropriate safeguards in place.  Your personal information will be held by ALM Fitness Ltd for 2 years following the end of your membership (either confirmed by you or lapsed).

Social media
If we engage with each other through social media, we may collect information in your posts or blogs, comments, likes, voting, web chat or private messaging functions from any of the official ALM Fitness Ltd social media accounts you may post to. Information placed on our social media platforms will be ‘public’ and therefore available to everyone world-wide.  Other accounts, such as Facebook ALM Fitness Transformation Groups will have membership and visibility restricted to relevant ALM Fitness members only.


How we use cookies and how to delete them

We want to make sure we provide you with very clear information about the cookies we collect, how we use them and how to disable them, you click the link and read our Cookies Policy.  We use cookies to provide users with the functionality contained within our website, and produce anonymous information to help analyse website traffic, usage and behaviour, so we can improve the visitor experience to our website or social media.



From time to time we would like to keep you informed by email about additional services or merchandise available from ALM Fitness Ltd or contact you by telephone at a convenient time to see how you are getting on.  We may also want to use transformation (before and after) photographs and video of class fitness sessions to promote our business and health and fitness to existing or new members and through our social media platforms in the ‘social media’ section above.  We will ask for your consent for these activities by asking you to select your preferences during the Teamup registration process.


Keeping your information up to date

So that we keep your personal information up to date, please let us know if it changes.  You can do this by using the contact methods in the ‘further information’ section below, or letting anyone from ALM Fitness Ltd know when you attend a class or event.  On an annual basis we will get in touch with you and check the personal information we have is accurate.


Your legal rights
You have the right to access and a copy of the information we hold about you, request it is amended, deleted, processing is restricted or receive a portable copy. You also have the right to raise an issue or concern and all requests are free of charge. If you wish to make a request about your personal information, please contact us in any of the ways described in the ‘further information’ section below.


Other websites or 3rd party applications you may access from this one
Our website may contain links to other websites or applications operated by other organisations. When you click any of these links and leave our site, we cannot be held responsible for the protection and privacy of any information you provide whilst visiting other sites. Please make sure you read the privacy policy of the website or application you are visiting.


Further information
If you  have any questions about how our personal information is handled or which to make request or raise a concern, please contact Amy Marshall who is the ALM Fitness Ltd Data Protection Officer by emailing or calling 07740 366419. For issues that are not resolved, you are entitled to contact the UK Data Protection Supervisory Authority, the Information Commissioner’s Office at ICO.Com.

Updating this notice
Please be aware that the information contained in this Notice may vary from time to time. If the information changes we will let you know by communicating those changes to you and providing an updated version of this Privacy Notice.