Body Conditioning Circuits

I really enjoy the classes – there’s a friendly atmosphere and I look forward to attending each week. The exercises are challenging but ultimately very rewarding – they have made a huge difference to my fitness.

Personal Training

When I signed up for the 10 weeks of personal training, I hadn’t done any exercise for years. With your regime and dietary suggestions I have lost weight, got considerably fitter, and (being a diabetic) my blood glucose levels are at last under control. It’s mostly been good fun, though hard at times: I have really appreciated you pushing me just the right amount, and I can’t fault the effort you have put in to help and guide me.

Body Conditioning Circuits

Absolutely love Amy’s circuits classes! She manages to vary the classes and always keep them interesting. I’ve been attending circuits for nearly 2 years and the classes are always different. Amy always offers plenty of difficulty options and if it looks like you’re finding anything too easy she will suggest a more challenging option. Amy is very good at motivating people and always makes classes really good fun. I always feel great after a class and I even enjoy the aches and pains over the following days!!

Personal Training and Steady Circuits

I’ve had the pleasure of Amy’s expertise for over a year as in One to One Training Sessions and Steady Circuits Classes. As ‘golden oldies’ we are of varying standards, fitness/flexibility wise but Amy is very aware of each person’s capabilities and manages to cater accordingly for everyone. She has a good sense of fun, which makes the classes most enjoyable.

I have a foot problem, which affects my gait, and balance and this is where the Personal Training is of great benefit. She makes the sessions varied and interesting; she is extremely patient and knows exactly how far to push. Despite my groans and protests, (which she is now used to but chooses to ignore!!) I really do enjoy my training with her. I am delighted with the results – fitter, stronger, improved balance and following Amy’s advice on nutrition/diet etc., in better shape.

Circuits & Steady Circuits

I usually get very bored going to a gym and never last more than a few sessions. I like the variety of the classes, they are different each time and very well planned. I like the fact that there are all ages and abilities so you don’t feel you are not good enough to join in.

Body Conditioning Circuits

As a newbee with my daughter to the circuit training class on a Monday night, we have found the classes to be fun and very challenging. We like Amy’s coaching style and sense of humour. The sessions are fun(ish) and I enjoy doing them and competing with my daughter, it’s a good bonding session for both of us. Keep it up, you are doing a great job.