Doing Zumba and Couch to 5k have been key on my weight loss goal. Not only that, they are fun and enjoyable.

Personal Training

I have been having one-to-one training with Amy for 10 months. She is highly motivated and professional and with her help I have achieved both weight loss and muscle toning, enabling me to drop 2 dress sizes. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Circuits & Fitness Pilates

18 months ago I was struggling to get back to a regular exercise routine that struck the right balance between challenge and manageability. I now go every week to ALM Circuits and love being there with my husband and two sons, all working at our own pace but with encouragement and support from Amy. Tuesday night Pilates is an opportunity to stretch and build core strength, again shared with my increasingly-flexible husband, a perfect compliment to the more-vigorous Monday evening work-out. I feel so lucky to have these classes on our doorstep.

Body Conditioning and Fitness Pilates

I’ve been going to circuits and Fitness Pilates for a couple of months now and I absolutely love it! Really intense workout but in a fun, friendly and relaxed environment and my fitness has improved already. You can work at your own level but Amy always manages to motivate me to push myself that bit further. Even if I don’t feel like going beforehand, I am always so pleased I’ve been and come away buzzing! Thank you Amy, I’m nearly back at my pre-baby fitness!

Fitness Pilates

Amy is a truly professional Fitness Pilates instructor. What amazes me the most is how she manages to make each class different. I have done Pilates and yoga for 30 years, (not with Amy)! And Amy is by far the best.

Body Conditioning Circuits, Fitness Pilates & Zumba

I have been coming to Amy’s classes for over 2 years and thoroughly enjoy all of them. I especially like the body conditioning classes – they are really well structured and they change every week – which is great for motivation, as you never get into a rut. Amy makes a real effort to ensure that there are different levels of difficulty so you can work at a level that suits you and she’s always very encouraging.
Most importantly the classes are fun!!