Doing Zumba and Couch to 5k have been key on my weight loss goal. Not only that, they are fun and enjoyable.

Steady Circuits & Fitness Pilates

Hi I’m Claire and I’m 61 years old. I first started to do Steady Circuits 15 months ago. I’m completely hooked. Amy has shown empathy, understanding and so much enthusiasm for us oldies. We love it! Amy has helped me to improve my fitness, mobility and body shape. She has patience and will always encourage us to do our best without being in any way patronising. Long may she continue to inspire us all!

Personal Training

When I signed up for the 10 weeks of personal training, I hadn’t done any exercise for years. With your regime and dietary suggestions I have lost weight, got considerably fitter, and (being a diabetic) my blood glucose levels are at last under control. It’s mostly been good fun, though hard at times: I have really appreciated you pushing me just the right amount, and I can’t fault the effort you have put in to help and guide me.

Body Conditioning Circuits

I really enjoy the classes – there’s a friendly atmosphere and I look forward to attending each week. The exercises are challenging but ultimately very rewarding – they have made a huge difference to my fitness.

I have nothing but admiration for Amy’s personal training. My goal at the time was to get off the couch and improve my ability to exercise and general fitness to a level that I would have the confidence to exercise in a group class – which was unthinkable to me at the start of the sessions. She came to me when I was very unfit and at a low point, and tailored the weekly training sessions to just the right amount of “push”- she knew better than me how far I could go. Amy’s efforts and dietary suggestions got me there and more, and I have never looked back. Well done and thank you Amy!

Personal Training and Body Conditioning Circuits

I absolutely love attending Amy’s classes. Every session is different and it is very clear that she is meticulous in her planning. Nothing but inspiration and support emulate from her classes, she is encouraging and certainly makes a difference. Amy always has time for her clients on a professional and personal level and always goes that extra mile. I would highly recommend any of Amy’s classes and personal training – you won’t be disappointed!