Body Conditioning Circuits, Fitness Pilates & Zumba

I have been coming to Amy’s classes for over 2 years and thoroughly enjoy all of them. I especially like the body conditioning classes – they are really well structured and they change every week – which is great for motivation, as you never get into a rut. Amy makes a real effort to ensure that there are different levels of difficulty so you can work at a level that suits you and she’s always very encouraging.
Most importantly the classes are fun!!


Body Conditioning Circuits

I have thoroughly enjoyed your Body Conditioning classes, initially at Alcester, and thereafter at Inkberrow Village Hall, for probably three years.  The classes are excellent for overall fitness, and help me with my squash, tennis, racketball and cycling.  They are testing and demanding, but are a great way to pass an hour.  You are constantly inventive and encouraging with your variations on the standard exercises, and clearly everyone has a good time.  Please keep on with the good work.

Zumba & Fitness Pilates

All I can say is that I’ve never enjoyed exercise but I love Pilates and Zumba and you are truly inspirational and your enthusiasm is infectious!!!! Thanks Amy.


I really enjoy your Zumba class, it is relaxed but makes a big difference to my fitness. I play tennis & have noticed an improvement with agility. It is also good for mental wellbeing. You make it a fun, enjoyable experience.

Steady Circuits

Inkberrow must have the fittest over 50’s in the country!  Amy’s Steady Circuits are excellent. She is a great motivator and has raised my level of fitness enormously. The classes cater for all abilities and we are all encouraged to push ourselves to achieve our fitness potential. We all have fun too, which is why we keep going!  Thanks Amy.

Steady Circuits & Fitness Pilates

Hi I’m Claire and I’m 61 years old. I first started to do Steady Circuits 15 months ago. I’m completely hooked. Amy has shown empathy, understanding and so much enthusiasm for us oldies. We love it! Amy has helped me to improve my fitness, mobility and body shape. She has patience and will always encourage us to do our best without being in any way patronising. Long may she continue to inspire us all!