Amy’s sessions are informal and friendly with a great mix of regular routines plus the occasional new one or an old favourite. I enjoy the workout, the encouragement and the music and just having fun. I always feel better for it afterwards.
Zumba Thursdays – always a favourite week night for me!
Sue – Zumba


I really enjoy your Zumba class, it is relaxed but makes a big difference to my fitness. I play tennis & have noticed an improvement with agility. It is also good for mental wellbeing. You make it a fun, enjoyable experience.

Body Conditioning Circuits, Fitness Pilates and Zumba

Thanks Amy for motivating me to finally get fit and shift the pounds!  All your classes are fun and challenging and always changing so you never get fed up.  You have been a great support and I would happily recommend you to anyone out there looking to get fit and have fun

Body Conditioning Circuits, Fitness Pilates & Zumba

I have been coming to Amy’s classes for over 2 years and thoroughly enjoy all of them. I especially like the body conditioning classes – they are really well structured and they change every week – which is great for motivation, as you never get into a rut. Amy makes a real effort to ensure that there are different levels of difficulty so you can work at a level that suits you and she’s always very encouraging.
Most importantly the classes are fun!!



Doing Zumba and Couch to 5k have been key on my weight loss goal. Not only that, they are fun and enjoyable.

Body Conditioning Circuits

I highly recommend Amy’s circuit training as she is a highly skilled, friendly and challenging trainer. All the classes are varied and never boring and the atmosphere she creates is warm and welcoming. The exercises are also at a level where everyone is challenged physically. I was only going to sign up for the winter months but have been attending for 2 years now!”‬