Personal Training and Steady Circuits

I’ve had the pleasure of Amy’s expertise for over a year as in One to One Training Sessions and Steady Circuits Classes. As ‘golden oldies’ we are of varying standards, fitness/flexibility wise but Amy is very aware of each person’s capabilities and manages to cater accordingly for everyone. She has a good sense of fun, which makes the classes most enjoyable.

I have a foot problem, which affects my gait, and balance and this is where the Personal Training is of great benefit. She makes the sessions varied and interesting; she is extremely patient and knows exactly how far to push. Despite my groans and protests, (which she is now used to but chooses to ignore!!) I really do enjoy my training with her. I am delighted with the results – fitter, stronger, improved balance and following Amy’s advice on nutrition/diet etc., in better shape.

Steady Circuits

I would just like to say that I have been to numerous exercise classes/gyms etc. over the years but can honestly say I have felt more at home more quickly in your classes (Pilates and steady circuits) than in many of the others. I feel motivated to try just that bit harder than I can on my own or at home as you have done all the preparation for me (music, equipment etc) and I can have a laugh too with like-minded people. So thank you for all your hard work and commitment and I’m looking forward to getting back to it in the New Year.

Personal Training and Body Conditioning Circuits

I absolutely love attending Amy’s classes. Every session is different and it is very clear that she is meticulous in her planning. Nothing but inspiration and support emulate from her classes, she is encouraging and certainly makes a difference. Amy always has time for her clients on a professional and personal level and always goes that extra mile. I would highly recommend any of Amy’s classes and personal training – you won’t be disappointed!

Fitness Pilates

Amy is a truly professional Fitness Pilates instructor. What amazes me the most is how she manages to make each class different. I have done Pilates and yoga for 30 years, (not with Amy)! And Amy is by far the best.

Body Conditioning Circuits

Absolutely love Amy’s circuits classes! She manages to vary the classes and always keep them interesting. I’ve been attending circuits for nearly 2 years and the classes are always different. Amy always offers plenty of difficulty options and if it looks like you’re finding anything too easy she will suggest a more challenging option. Amy is very good at motivating people and always makes classes really good fun. I always feel great after a class and I even enjoy the aches and pains over the following days!!

Body Conditioning Circuits

As a newbee with my daughter to the circuit training class on a Monday night, we have found the classes to be fun and very challenging. We like Amy’s coaching style and sense of humour. The sessions are fun(ish) and I enjoy doing them and competing with my daughter, it’s a good bonding session for both of us. Keep it up, you are doing a great job.