All my classes are full of people from all walks of life, all ages and all fitness abilities and I can assure you that almost each and every one of them hesitated before joining their first class. The one thing that holds most people back is the unknown. What will the class be like? Will it be hard? Where do I put my stuff? Can I keep up? But here’s the secret: relax, it’s easy! Arrive 5 minutes early, introduce yourself and find a spot to place your water bottle/towel. Tell a few other participants its your first time at the class, they will love to share their knowledge. Take it easy to start with (plenty of us still do!) and you will be offered alternatives to make moves easier if needed. There is nothing stopping you from taking a short break or skipping a few seconds of reps.

Group classes are great for pushing yourself, but you never have to work at a level that’s not comfortable for you! The most important thing is to get yourself through that door, and I guarantee that you can handle what’s inside. You’ll learn something new, and you’ll be challenged in body and mind.